This page proposes to take you to some places of death. Let's have a look at a few tombs, and reflect on their illustrious inhabitants. .
The Page of The Dead



Special Features
A short visit to Kensal Green Cemetery
The Ehrengräber on the Zentralfriedhof vienna
Chess players at the Kerepesi Cemetery
True Stories  
The Coffin of Queen Katherine Parr    
The Corpse of Lord Byron    
The Transfer of Oscar Wilde's Remains    
Last Ride to Heiligenkreuz (featuring Mary Vetsera)    
The Painters (use the back button to return here)
Rudolf von Alt german 1812-1905
John Constable english 1776-1837
Jacques-Louis David french 1748-1825
Albrecht Dürer german 1471-1528
Kaspar David Friedrich german 1774-1840
Anselm Feuerbach german 1829-1880
François Gérard french 1770-1837
William Hogarth english 1697-1764
Fernand Khnopff belgian 1858-1921
Gustav Klimt austrian 1862-1918
Gerhard von Kügelgen german 1772-1820
Hans Makart austrian 1840-1884
Edouard Manet and Berthe Morisot french 1832-1883
Amédéo Modigliani italian 1884-1920
Kolo Moser austrian 1868-1918
Eugen Napoleon Neureuther german 1806-1882
Pierre-Paul Prud'hon french 1758-1823
Joachim Sandrart german 1606-1688
Franz von Stuck german 1863-1928
Suzanne Valadon french 1865-1938
James MacNeill Whistler american 1834-1903
John William Waterhouse english 1849-1917
The actors (use the back button to return here)    
Rosa Albach-Retty german 1897-1980
Hans Albers german 1892-1960
Ada Cavendish english 1839-1895
Maria Cebotari czech 1910-1949
Karl August Devrient german 1797-1872
Ludwig Devrient german 1784-1832
Gustave Diessl german 1899-1948
Tilla Durieux german 1880-1971
Fanny Elssler austrian 1810-1884
Joachim Gottschalk german 1904-1941
Camilla Horn german 1903-1996
Attila Hörbiger hungarian 1896-1987
Charles Kemble english 1775-1854
Fanny Kemble english 1809-1893
Gilda Langer german 1896-1920
Ferdinand Marian german 1902-1946
Kitty Melrose english 1883-1912
Helene Odilon german 1865-1939
Adele Sandrock dutch 1864-1937
Paula Wessely austrian 1907-2000
Charlotte Wolter german 1834-1897
Klara Ziegler german 1844-1909

Miscellaneous Pictures
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Blanche Roosevelt (singer and author) american 1858-1898
Captain Bligh (seafarer) english 1754-1817
Dalida (singer) french 1933-1987
Heinrich Heine (author and poet) german 1797-1856
Josephine de Beauharnais (empress) french 1763-1814
Maria Theresia (archduchess and queen) austrian 1717-1780
Karl May (author) german 1842-1912
Robert and Clara Schumann (composer/pianist and composer) german 1810-1856
Mary Shelley (author) english 1797-1851
Louis Gabriel Suchet (marshall) french 1770-1826

E.N. Neureuther's  
snowy grave at the  
Alte Südfriedhof,  
The monument for  
Blanche Roosevelt  
at Brompton  
Cemetery, London.
The monument for  
Robert and Clara  
Schumann at the  
Alter Friedhof, Bonn

There's more in the Biographies Section:
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Charles Babbage
Ricarda Huch
Henri Laurens
Annabella Milbanke (Lady Byron)
Richard Wagner

Charles Babbage's grave at Kensal Green Cemetery, London.

Richard Wagner's grave behind
the Villa Wahnfried, Bayreuth.

There are thoughts that won't be spoken / And there's so much we can't discuss
But there are moments that will live forever / And some of them are owned by us

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The large picture on top of this page shows the monument for a girl named Patricia St. John Smith.
It can be found at Highgate 'East' Cemetery, London. Patricia died on March 17, 1942, aged 25.

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