BORN 17 Jan 1933, Cairo: Shoudra - DIED 3 May 1987, Paris
BIRTH NAME Gigliotti, Yolande Christina
CAUSE OF DEATH suicide with sleeping pills
GRAVE LOCATION Paris: Montmartre Cimetière, 20 Avenue Rachel (division 18)

Daughter of the first violinist of the opera in Cairo. On December 24, 1956 she took a plane to Paris to become an actress. She started calling herself Dalida and soon established a successful singing and dancing career.

Soon she became famous with her hit "Bambino" and in 1957 she was supporting act at the Olympia for Charles Aznavour as well as Gilbert Becaud and had another hit with "Gondolier".

1960 was a top year with success all over Europe and on April 8, 1961 she married her discoverer Julien Morisse. Only three months later she eloped with the painter Jean Sobiesky and her marriage was over. Morisse committed suicide soon afterwards. She travelled to many countries and her relationship with Sobiesku ended in 1963.

In 1966 she fell in love with the Italian singer Luigi Tenco. After she failed to win the San Remo festival with his song "Ciao Amore", Luigi commited suicide. She tried to kill herself with sleeping pills, but was rescued.

She had many more hits and toured the world, until in 1986 she played the leading part in the Frans-Egyptian movie "Le Sixième Jour". She received a very warm welcome in Cairo and seemed to feel reborn, but after her return in Paris she changed her will, sold her car, lowered the blinds of her bedroom, wrote a note and killed herself with sleeping pills.

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The grave of Dalida at the Montmartre cemetery, Paris.
Picture by Androom (8 Mar 1995)


Montmartre Cimetière, Paris

Dalla, Lucio

Published: 01 Jan 2006
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