Marian, Ferdinand

BORN 14 Aug 1902, Wien - DIED 7 Aug 1946, Freising
BIRTH NAME Haschkowetz, Ferdinand Heinrich Johann
CAUSE OF DEATH car accident
GRAVE LOCATION München, Bayern: Nordfriedhof, Ungererstrasse 130 (097-U-399)

Son of a bass player (his father) and a singer (his mother). He started his career at the Stadttheater in Graz and later he was employed at the Münchener Kammerspiele and at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin. He was soon successful in movies as well, mostly playing the part of the villains.

When he played the part of Jago in Shakespeare's "Othello" in Berlin he was noticed by Joseph Goebbels, who wanted him to play the bad guys in propaganda movies (Englishmen or Jews). For a year he refused to play the part of the Jew Suess-Oppenheimer in "Jud Süss", but he was afraid of the public humiliation that he might have to faced if he continued to refuse and Goebbels eventually talked him into it. Marian returned to his appartment, got drunk and smashed his furniture, but there was no escape anymore. "Jud Süss" was seen by more than twenty million people and sealed his fate. After three propaganda movies for the nazis he returned to non-political movies like "Romanze in Moll" and "Münchhausen" (1943).

After the war he fled to Austria, but he wasn't allowed to continue his career. In 1946 he seemd to get another chance when he was invited to play in Weimar. But he was warned by the Americans and hesitated to come. He was drinking heavily and died in a car crash later that year. It is unknown if this was an accident, suicide or murder.

In 1949, soon after the trial of Veit Harlan (the director of "Jud Süss"), Marian's widow Maria Byk was found drowned in Hamburg.

• Wife: Byk, Maria (1936-1946)

Related persons
• worked for Harlan, Veit


The grave of Ferdinand Marian at the Nordfriedhof, Munich.
Picture by Androom (26 Aug 2003)


Ferdinand Marian.


Ferdinand Marian.


Ferdinand Marian.
Picture by Bavaria Filmkunst


• Scheibmayr, Erich, Letzte Heimat, Persönlichkeiten in Münchner Friedhöfen 1784-1984, Scheibmayr Verlag, München, 1985

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