Gottschalk, Joachim

BORN 10 Apr 1904, Calau, Brandenburg - DIED 5 Nov 1941, Berlin: Seebergsteig 2
CAUSE OF DEATH suicide by gassing
GRAVE LOCATION Stahnsdorf, Brandenburg: Südwestkirchhof, Bahnhofstrasse (Block Charlottenburg, Gartenblock III, Gartenstelle 288)

Joachim Gottschalk worked as a sailor after he finished school. From the money he earned he took acting lessons in Berlin. He became a successful actor and played the title role in Schiller's "Fiesco" at the Volkbühne in Berlin.

In 1937 he refused his first offer for a part in a movie because he was married to Meta Wolff (b.13 Aug 1902), an actress of Jewish descent. From 1938 onwards he played in seven movies and although he tried to keep a relatively low profile he became increasingly popular. In 1941 he appeared next to Brigitte Horney in "Die schwedische Nachtigall" about Hans Andersen and Jenny Lind.

But the nazis found out that she was Jewish and gave him the choice between a separation from her or being sent to the front immediately. He refused a separation and his wife and their son received information that they would soon be deported to Theresienstadt.

Gottschalk was blacklisted, but in 1941 he suddenly appeared on television in "Karl und Anna", which was played live and broadcasted immediately afterwards. At the ninth night he didn't show up. The day before the deportation Gottschalk had committed suicide together with his wife and their son.

His death was kept silent from the press and they were buried at the Südwestfriedhof in Stahndorf. Gustaf Gründgens was one of the few people present at the funeral although Joseph Goebbels had issued an order that prohibited attendance of the funeral. In 1999 his grave became a grave of honour of the City of Berlin.

• Wife: Wolff, Meta (1930-)

Related persons
• was a friend of Deltgen, René
• had funeral attended by Gründgens, Gustaf
• knew Hellberg, Ruth
• cooperated with Horney, Brigitte


The grave of Joachim Gottschalk at the Südwestfriedhof, Stahnsdorf, Berlin.
Picture by Androom (10 Apr 2003)


Joachim Gottschalk.


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