Bülow, Hans von

BORN 8 Jan 1830, Dresden - DIED 12 Feb 1894, Caïro
GRAVE LOCATION Hamburg: Ohlsdorfer Friedhof (V 22 1-8)

As a child, Von Bülow studied piano with Friedrich Wieck, Clara Schumann's father. He studied Law at the University of Leipzig, but music was still beckoning. He studied piano with Liszt, whose daughter Cosima he married in 1857. Von Bülow was a follower of Richard Wagner, who taught him how to conduct. He conducted several Wagner opera's and in 1867 he became the director of music at the Munich court.

In 1869 he seperated from Cosima, who had been living with Wagner for years. He retired to Florence, but two years later he was back in the spotlights as the leading pianist of his time. He still admired Wagner's work, but now he preferred to praise Brahms.

In 1876 Von Bülow toured in the USA. After Wagner's death in 1883 Cosima received a message from him that said "soeur, il faut vivre".

Because of his failing health he went to Cairo in 1893 and he died there in 1894. His second wife Marie published his letters and writings and survived him for 47 years.

• Daughter: Bülow, Daniela von
• Wife: Liszt, Cosima (1857-1870, Berlin)
• Wife: Bülow, Marie von (1882-)

Related persons
• was teacher to Franz, Helene, Freifrau von Heldburg
• knew Klindworth, Karl
• was pupil to Liszt, Franz
• met Parsons, Albert Ross
• employed Strauss, Richard Georg
• cooperated with Verhulst, Johannes Josephus Hermanus
• cooperated with Wagner, Richard
• was pupil to Wieck, Friedrich

1863/11/28: Richard Wagner and Cosima Liszt become lovers
Wagner was staying in Berlin because Cosima's husband Hans von Bülow had asked him to attend a concert. When Von Bülow was busy with the repititions Wagner and Cosima made a coach ride during which they confessed to each other that they belonged together. That night Wagner was staying in Von Bülow's house.

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The grave of Hans von Bülow at the Ohlsdorfer Friedhof in Hamburg.
Picture by Androom (26 Jan 2006)


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