Diez-Hartmann, Sophie

BORN 1 Sep 1820, München, Bayern - DIED 3 May 1887, München, Bayern
BIRTH NAME Hartmann, Sofie
GRAVE LOCATION München, Bayern: Alte Südfriedhof, Thalkirchnerstrasse 17 (04-08-57)

Sophie Diez was a popular soprano and actress in Munich. She was the daughter of a local musician, who recognized her good singing voice at an early age. She was educated for the theatre by Franz Lachner. In 1836 she appeared for the first time at the Hoftheater in Munich. She sang work from Gluck, Mozart, Wagner and many other composers but she also appeared in local plays because she was able to speak the Munich dialect.

She married the singer Ernst Diez in 1841 in Munich. After singing over 300 different parts she appeared on the stage for the last time in 1878 as "Nandl". She died in 1887 in Munich.

• Husband: Diez, Ernst Friedrich (1841-1887, München)

Related persons
• was pupil to Lachner, Franz von

21/6/1868Premiere of Wagner's "Die Meistersinger von Nünberg". It was staged in Munich in the presence of King Ludwig II of Bavaria. Hans von Bülow was the conductor. Ludwig insisted that Wagner would sit next to him in the royal box. After the first act the public was very enthousiastic and demanded to see the composer. But Wagner didn't show himself. Only after the last act he rose to accept the ovation of the public. This caused a scandal because it was considered inappropriate that a composer received the honours of the public standing next to the king. [Bausewein, Kaspar][Bülow, Hans von][Mallinger, Mathilda][Strauss, Franz Joseph][Wagner, Richard]


The grave of Friedrich and Sophie Diez at the Alte Südfriedhof, München.
Picture by Androom (22 Aug 2008)


• Marek, George R., Cosima Wagner, Ein Leben für ein Genie, Knaur, München, 1993
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