Wieck, Friedrich

BORN 18 Aug 1785, Pretzsch (near Wittenberg) - DIED 6 Oct 1873, Dresden, Sachsen: Loschwitz
GRAVE LOCATION Dresden, Sachsen: Trinitatisfriedhof, Fiedlerstraße 1, Johannstadt-Nord (IV S)

Son of a merchant, who was not musically interested himself, but allowed his son to visit the Thomasschule in Leipzig. But he became ill and had to returned home. He was sent to a ymnasium in Thorgau, but secretly practized music, taking lessons with Milchmeyer. Because his parents wanted him to he went to study theology in Wittenburg in 1804.

He became a teacher at the house of Christian Adolph von Seckendorff and there he met Adolf Bargiel, who worked there as a piano teacher. They became friends. By 1817 Wieck had started selling piano's and Bargiel had become a violinist at the Gewandhausorchester in Leipzig. Thier friendship ended after his first wife Marianne left him and married Bargiel in 1825.

Marianne Tromlitz was his first piano student and after their marriage she played for customers and also at concerts. But soon he stopped her from making public appearances and concentrated his teaching efforts on their young daughter Clara.

Friedrich Wieck became a well known piano teacher. In 1824 Marianne left him, but after a few months young Clara was returned to him. Wieck married Clementine Fechner on 3 Jul 1828.

In August of that year Robert Schumann started taking lessons with Wieck. He asked for Clara's hand in 1837, but Wieck refused. Schumann ran off with Clara and obtained permission from the court to marry her in 1840. In 1843 Clara was reconciled with her father.

Hans von Bülow was another student of Wieck.

• Daughter: Schumann, Clara Josephine

Related persons
• was teacher to Bülow, Hans von
• was teacher to Schumann, Robert Alexander


The grave of Friedrich Wieck (Clara Schumann's father) and his wife Clementine Wieck-Fechner at the Trinitatisfriedhof, Dresden.
Picture by Androom (7 Aug 1998)


The house of Friedrich Wieck at what is now called the Wieckstrasse (number 10) in Loschwitz, Dresden. Here his daughter Clara met her future husband Robert Schumann.
Picture by Androom (7 Aug 1998)


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Wieniawsky, Joseph

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