Wilt, Marie

BORN 30 Jan 1834, Wien - DIED 24 Sep 1891, Wien
CAUSE OF DEATH suicide by jumping from window
GRAVE LOCATION Wien: Zentralfriedhof, Simmeringer Hauptstraße 234, Simmering (Gruppe 32 A, Nummer 43)

Marie Wilt's mother died when she was born and her father was unknown. She grew up in an orphanage. From an early age she wanted to be a singer, but a singing teacher stated that she had no voice at all. In 1851 she married an engineer named Frank Wilt. Although she was absolutely unable to sing for years her voice gradually developed. By 1863 it was beatiful and against her husband's wishes she took singing lessons.

She debuted in 1865 as Donna Anna in Mozart's Don Giovanni. Immediately after her debut she was engaged at Covent Garden in London. From 1867 until 1877 she was employed at the Wiener Oper. Her husband granted her a divorce on the condition that she would leave Vienna and she settled in Leipzig.

She befrieded Johannes Brahms and sang his compositions. Wilt was especially famous for her appearances in the opera's of Wagner and managed to learn to sing the act of Brünnhilde in only three weeks. In 1887 she left the stage in Salzburg and she retired from public life. In 1890 she moved to Graz. She suffered from depressions, but in the summer 1891 she made a final appearance during the Mozartfest. But on this occasion her voice failed her miserably. In September 1891 she threw herself out of a window on the fourth floor of a hotel in Vienna and died. The Musical Times wrote in 1891 that shortly before her death she said that the Brünnhilde part had finished her.

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• was a friend of Brahms, Johannes

10/3/1875Premiere of "Die Königin von Saba" by Karl Goldmark. He was inspired by his pupil Caroline von Gomperz-Bettelheim, whose beauty was compared to that of the Queen of Sheba by a friend. But the opera took very long and she never performed the part. The libretto was by Hermann Salomon Mosenthal and it was performed at the Hofoper in Vienna. Amelie Materna was the Queen of Sheena and other singers were Gustav Walter, Johann Nepomuk Beck, Marie Wilt, Hermine von Siegstädt and Hans von Rokitansky. [Friedrich-Materna, Amalie][Goldmark, Karl][Gomperz-Bettelheim, Caroline von]


The grave of Marie Wilt at the Zentralfriedhof, Vienna.
Picture by Androom (20 sep 2004)


The grave of Marie Wilt at the Zentralfriedhof, Vienna.
Picture by Androom (20 sep 2004)


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Marie Wilt
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