Vogl, Therese

BORN 12 Nov 1845, Tutzing, Bayern - DIED 29 Sep 1921, München, Bayern
BIRTH NAME Thoma, Therese
GRAVE LOCATION Tutzing, Bayern: Alter Friedhof (next to the St. Peter und Paul Kirche), Graf-Vieregg-Strasse

The soprano Therese Thoma was born in Tutzing, Bavaria. She was one of sixteen children and she studied with her father Jakob Thoma and with Franz Lachner at the Court Theatre. She debuted at the Court Theatre in Karlsruhe in 1865 and in 1866 she first performed in Munich.

In 1868 she married the tenor Heinrich Vogl, with whom she had been performing since 1866. In 1870 she was Sieglinde in Wagner's "Die Walküre" with Heinrich playing Siegmund. In 1878 she sang Brünnhilde with Heinrich singing the part of Siegfried. She was also the first to perform the part of Brünnhilde in the UK. For many years she and her husband interpreted Tristan and Isolde as well.

After a quarrel with the Wagner family she and her husband no longer appeared at the Bayreuth festival. After her voice started to detoriate she left the stage in 1892 as a final performance as Isolde in Munich.

In 1870 the Vogls had bought a house in Tutzing and then a larger property in the neighbourhood. Her husband died in 1900 and she moved back to Tutzing in 1919, where she lived for the remainder of her life.

• Husband: Vogl, Heinrich (1868-)

Related persons
• knew Brahms, Johannes
• was pupil of Lachner, Franz von

22/9/1869Premiere of Richard Wagner's "Das Rheingold" in Munich. Franz Wüllner was the conductor. August Kindermann was Wotan, Heinrich Vogl was Loge, Sophie Stehle was Fricka, Henriette Müller-Marion was Freya,. Other parts were sung by Franz Nachbaur, Emma Seehofer, Max Schlosser, Kasper Bausewein, Anna Kaufmann, Therese Vogel, Karl Samuel Heinrich and Wilhelmine Ritter. [Bausewein, Kaspar][Vogl, Heinrich][Wagner, Richard]
26/6/1870Premiere of Wagner's "Die Walküre" at the Hoftheater in Munich. Wagner wanted to stage it in 1871, but Ludwig II of Bavaria was the legal owner of the piece and didn't want to wait. Wüllner was the conductor and Joachim, Brahms, Saint-Saëns and Liszt were in the audience. Wagner wasn't there and Ludwig also stayed away. He had decided to wait for the second performance so that he would be able to see "Das Rheingold", that would be staged again during the summer, and "Die Walküre" in the right order. [Bausewein, Kaspar][Brahms, Johannes][Joachim, Joseph][Liszt, Franz][Possart-Deinet, Anna von][Saint-Saëns, Camille][Vogl, Heinrich][Wagner, Richard]
0/3/1899Angelo Neumann performs Wagner's "Ring" in Russia. His company performed the "Ring" in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow in March and April. The young Karl Muck was the conductor and Karl Lautenschlager designed the stage set. The singers included Heinrich and Therese Vogl. Therese Vogl was later replaced by Therese Malten. [Malten, Therese][Muck, Karl][Neumann, Angelo][Vogl, Heinrich][Wagner, Richard]


The grave of Heinrich and Therese Vogl at the Alter Friedhof near the Peter und Paul Kirche, Tutzing.
Picture by androom (23 May 2006)


The grave of Heinrich and Therese Vogl at the Alter Friedhof near the Peter und Paul Kirche, Tutzing.
Picture by androom (23 May 2006)


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