Vogl, Heinrich

BORN 15 Jan 1845, München, Bayern - DIED 21 Apr 1900, München, Bayern
GRAVE LOCATION Tutzing, Bayern: Alter Friedhof (next to the St. Peter und Paul Kirche), Graf-Vieregg-Strasse

Heinrich Vogl debuted as Max in Von Weber's "Freischutz" in 1865. Wagner turned him down for the part of Walther in "Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg", but he was the first Loge (in "Das Rheingold", Munich, 1869) and the first Siegmund (in "Die Walküre", Munich, 1870). After Ludwig and Malvina Schnorr he and his wife Therese became the new Tristan and Isolde in 1869.

When Lilli Lehmann saw him as Loge in 1876 in Bayreuth she said that he was born for the part. He performed Canio only four days before his early death in 1900.

• Wife: Vogl, Therese (1868-)

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• knew Brahms, Johannes

22/9/1869Premiere of Richard Wagner's "Das Rheingold" in Munich. Franz Wüllner was the conductor. August Kindermann was Wotan, Heinrich Vogl was Loge, Sophie Stehle was Fricka, Henriette Müller-Marion was Freya,. Other parts were sung by Franz Nachbaur, Emma Seehofer, Max Schlosser, Kasper Bausewein, Anna Kaufmann, Therese Vogel, Karl Samuel Heinrich and Wilhelmine Ritter. [Bausewein, Kaspar][Vogl, Therese][Wagner, Richard]
26/6/1870Premiere of Wagner's "Die Walküre" at the Hoftheater in Munich. Wagner wanted to stage it in 1871, but Ludwig II of Bavaria was the legal owner of the piece and didn't want to wait. Wüllner was the conductor and Joachim, Brahms, Saint-Saëns and Liszt were in the audience. Wagner wasn't there and Ludwig also stayed away. He had decided to wait for the second performance so that he would be able to see "Das Rheingold", that would be staged again during the summer, and "Die Walküre" in the right order. [Bausewein, Kaspar][Brahms, Johannes][Joachim, Joseph][Liszt, Franz][Possart-Deinet, Anna von][Saint-Saëns, Camille][Vogl, Therese][Wagner, Richard]
13/8/1876Premiere of Wagner's "Ring" in Bayreuth starting with "Das Rheingold". It was performed from August 13th to August 17th. "Das Rheingold" had its premiere in Munich in 1869, but this time the entire "Ring" was performed. Many illiustrious persons were present, among them Emperor Wilhelm I of Germany and King Ludwig II of Bavaria. On the 13th "Das Rheingold" was performed. Among the singers were Franz Betz, Heinrich Vogl, Friederike Grün, Marie Haupt, Eugen Gura, Georg Unger, Louise Jaide, Karl Hill, Max Schlosser, Albert Eilers, Franz von Reichenberg, Lilli Lehmann, Marie Lehmann and Minna Lammert. [Friedrich-Materna, Amalie][Lehmann, Lilli][Lehmann, Marie][Richter, Hans][Wagner, Richard][Wilhelm I, emperor of Germany]


The grave of Heinrich and Therese Vogl at the Alter Friedhof near the Peter und Paul Kirche, Tutzing.
Picture by androom (23 May 2006)


The grave of Heinrich and Therese Vogl at the Alter Friedhof near the Peter und Paul Kirche, Tutzing.
Picture by androom (23 May 2006)


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Vogl, Therese

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