Rahl, Carl

BORN 13 Aug 1812, Wien - DIED 9 Jul 1865, Wien
BIRTH NAME Rahl, Carl Heinrich
GRAVE LOCATION Wien: Zentralfriedhof, Simmeringer Hauptstraße 234, Simmering (Gruppe 32 A, Nummer 07)

Carl Rahl was a painter whose work show influences of the renaissance and the baroque. He was also known as a portrait painter in realistic style. Rahl the son of the engraver Carl Heinrich Rahl (1779-1843) and he was educated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. He travelled to Munich, Stuttgart, Hungary and Italy, where he lived from 1836 until 1843 and painted "Die Auffindung von Manfreds Leiche" in 1836.

In 1843 Rahl moved to Vienna, but after two years he started travelling again, visiting Paris, Rome, Copenhagen and Munich, painting portraits wherever he went. In 1850 he became a professor at the Academy in Vienna, but politics soon led to his dismissal. He opened his own art school, transforming it into a studio where large paintings were produced and sold successfully. He decorated several buildings in Vienna and other places.

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Carl Rahl's tomb at the Zentralfriedhof, Vienna.
Picture by Androom (25 Jan 1999)


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