Breuer, Siegfried

BORN 24 Jun 1906, Wien - DIED 1 Feb 1954, Weende, Niedersachsen (near Göttingen)
CAUSE OF DEATH liver disease
GRAVE LOCATION Göttingen, Niedersachsen: Stadtfriedhof, Kasseler Landstrasse (E100-30 (cleared))

Siegfried Breuer was the son of the well known Wagner singer Hans Breuer, who had been a pupil of Cosima Wagner. Siegfried was educated at the Music Acdemy in Vienna and debuted in 1924 at the Volkstheater and the Theater in der Josefstadt, both in Vienna. After an engagement in Prague he went to Berlin, where he worked for the Deautsches Theater from 1935 to 1941. In 1941 he married the Austrian actress Maria Andergast.

After the war he founded the Künstlergemeinschaft Bad Ischl together with Peter Kreuder, Theo Lingen and others. In 1953 Hilpert engaged him at Göttingen, where he performed the part of Nathan der Weisse in the play by Lessing. His movie vcareer had started around 1940, with parts in "Der Postmeister" (1940), "Romanze in Moll" (1943) and "Orient-Express" (1944). After the war he appeared in "The Third Man" (1949) and he directed a number of movies between 1950 and 1952.

He died near Göttingen in 1954. he was buried at the Stadtfiredhof in Göttingen where his grave no longer exists. He was married six times and apart from Maria Andergast, the actresses Eva Maria Meineke (1923-2008) and Lia Condrus (b.1910, one child) were among his wives.

• Wife: Andergast, Maria (1941-) (divorce or separation)

Related persons
• cooperated with Hilpert, Heinz


Siegfried Breuer.
Picture by Tobis, Star-Foto-Atelier



Siegfried Breuer

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