Neugebauer, Alfred

BORN 27 Dec 1888, Wien - DIED 14 Sep 1957, Wien
GRAVE LOCATION Wien: Hietzinger Friedhof, Maxingstraße 15, Hietzing (Gruppe 69, Reihe 04, Nummer 19)

Alfred Neugebauer was educated at the Schottengymnasium in Vienna. He served in the army during the First World War and was a prisoner of war in Russia. In 1926 he joined the Theater an der Josefstadt in Vienna where he played many parts until 1946. In 1946 he moved to the Burgtheater where he worked until his death in 1957. From 1933 to 1953 he was a professor at the acting school the Max-Reinhardt-Seminar and he also taught at the Akademie für Musik und darstellende Kunst in Vienna. Between 1921 and 1956 he appeared in many movies as well. The Neugebauerweg in Wien-Döbling was named after him.


The grave of Alfred Neugebauer at the Hietzing Friedhof, Vienna.
Picture by Androom (26 Aug 2014)


Alfred Neugebauer (Schauspieler) – Wikipedia

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