Brausewetter, Hans

BORN 27 May 1899, Málaga - DIED 29 Apr 1945, Berlin: Charlottenburg
CAUSE OF DEATH fatally injured in artillery bombardment
GRAVE LOCATION Berlin: Evangelischer Luisenfriedhof II, Königin-Elisabeth-Straße 46-50 (Feld A1-12-51/52)

Hans Brausewetter was the son of the physician Max Brausewetter (1867-1916). He grew up in Spain and came to Germany in 1914. During the First World War he was a soldier at the western front. He left the army in 1918 and studied philology for a while. After that he took acting lessons with Hubert Heinrich, who was a director at the Lessingtheater. In 1920 he debuted at the Deutsches Volkstheater in Vienna. From 1922 to 1928 and from 1937 to 1945 he was engaged at the Deutscher Theater in Berlin.

From 1922 he also played in movies. His role in Ludwig Berger's "Ein Glas Wasser" (1923) was a success. In 1930 he appeared in "Das Flötenkonzert von Sanssouci" (1930). After the nazis came to power his homosexuality resulted in problems with the regime. In October 1936 he was arrested and sent to a concentraction camp, but soon he after the actress Käthe Haack pleaded for him with Goebbels he was soon released. He continued his career and many more films followed. In 1943 he played Freiherr von Hartenfeld in "Münchhausen". During the siege of he was hit by a bomb shell and he died from his injuries on 29 April 1945.

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28/3/1929Performance of Frank Wedekind's "Der Marquis von Keith" in honour of the recently deceased Albert Steinrück. It took place at the Schauspielhaus at the Gendarmemarkt in Belrin. Director was Leopold Jessner and Heinrich Mann speeched. Among the participating actors were Heinrich George, Werner Krauss, Carola Neher, Tilla Durieux, Jakob Tiedtke, Conrad Veidt, Max Pallenberg, Elisabeth Bergner, Paul Wegener, Hans Albers, Käthe Dorsch and Veit Harlan. [Albers, Hans][Bergner, Elisabeth][Dietrich, Marlene][Durieux, Tilla][George, Heinrich][Goetz, Curt][Harlan, Veit][Körber, Hilde][Kortner, Fritz][Krauss, Werner][Mann, Heinrich][Pallenberg, Max][Steinrück, Albert][Veidt, Conrad][Wedekind, Frank][Wedekind, Tilly][Wegener, Paul]
16/2/1932Premiere of Max Reinhardt's adaption of Hauptmann's "Vor Sonnenuntergang" at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin. It was directed by Max Reinhardt. The scenery was designed by Ernst Schütte. The cast included Werner Krauss, Mathias Wieman, Hans Brausewetter, Eleonora von Mendelsson, Käthe Haack, Oskar Sima, Maria Koppenhöfer, Eduard von Winsterstein, Paul Henckels, Helene Fehdmer, Paul Otto, Paul Biensfeldt, Max Gülstorff, Ludwig Stössel and Helene Thimig. [Fehdmer-Kayssler, Helene][Haack, Käthe][Koppenhöfer, Maria][Krauss, Werner][Reinhardt, Max][Thimig, Helene][Winterstein, Eduard von]


The grave of Hans Brausewetter at the Evangelischer Luisenfriedhof II, Berlin.
Picture by Androom (28 Mar 2007)


Hans Brausewetter.
Picture by Tobis, Star-Foto-Atelier


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