Fehdmer-Kayssler, Helene

BORN 18 Jan 1872, Königsberg (now: Kaliningrad) - DIED 12 Aug 1939, Eibsee, Bayern
BIRTH NAME Fehdmer, Helene
GRAVE LOCATION Kleinmachnow (near Berlin), Brandenburg: Waldfriedhof Kleinmachnow (Grabstelle A 002/001)

Helene Fehdmer was the youngest daughter of painter George Fehdmer, whose family had come from Salzburg to Prussia. Her sister was a painter who was twenty years older and her four brothers painted as well. She was educated in Berlin and took acting lessons in Cologne. Her first engagement was at the Kurtheater in Wildbad in 1891.

After engagements in Berlin and Vienna she was a leading actress at the Trianontheater in Berlin (1901-1903). In 1905 she married Friedrich Kayssler and she continued her career at several theaters in Berlin. During the First World War she also appeared in Belgium. Her last part was in 1936 as Gräfin Bismarck in "Ministerpräsident". She died in 1939 and Friedrich Kayssler wrote a book in her honour, "Helene Fehdmer zum Gedächtnis".

• Husband: Kayssler, Friedrich (1905-)

16/2/1932Premiere of Max Reinhardt's adaption of Hauptmann's "Vor Sonnenuntergang" at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin. It was directed by Max Reinhardt. The scenery was designed by Ernst Schütte. The cast included Werner Krauss, Mathias Wieman, Hans Brausewetter, Eleonora von Mendelsson, Käthe Haack, Oskar Sima, Maria Koppenhöfer, Eduard von Winsterstein, Paul Henckels, Helene Fehdmer, Paul Otto, Paul Biensfeldt, Max Gülstorff, Ludwig Stössel and Helene Thimig. [Brausewetter, Hans][Haack, Käthe][Koppenhöfer, Maria][Krauss, Werner][Reinhardt, Max][Thimig, Helene][Winterstein, Eduard von]


The grave of Friedrich Kayssler and Helene Fehmder at the Waldfriedhof, Kleinmachnow.
Picture by Androom (28 Jan 2008)


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