Auber, Daniel

BORN 29 Jan 1782, Caen, Calvados - DIED 12 May 1871, Paris
BIRTH NAME Auber, Daniel François Esprit
GRAVE LOCATION Paris: Père Lachaise, Rue du Repos 16 (division 04, section 02, ligne 01, AB, 17)

Daniel Auber was discovered by Cherubini, whose pupil he became. His comical opera "Le Maçon" made him well known. In his opera "La Muette" (1828) he predicted the fall of the Bourbons in 1830 and after the opera was performed in Brussels the Belgian revolution against the Netherlands started (1830).

In 1842 he succeeded Cherubini as head of the Conservatory in Paris and he held this post until his death in 1871. From 1857 onwards he was Imperial Master of the Choir (Maître de Chapelle). He died during the Paris Commune.

Related persons
• was teacher of Boulanger, Ernest
• was pupil of Cherubini, Luigi
• was teacher of Rôze, Marie
• cooperated with Scribe, Eugène

29/2/1828Premiere of Auber's "La muette de Portici". It was performed by the Opera of Paris at the Salle Le Peletier. Henri Valentino was the conductor. Adolphe Nourrit, Alexis Dupont, Laure Cinti-Damoreau and Lise Noblet sang the main parts. [Nourrit, Adolphe]
25/8/1830Revolution in Brussels after the performance of the opera "La Muette" by Auber. Adolphe Nourrit performed the leading tenor role. The opera started the Belgian Revolution against the Dutch. [Nourrit, Adolphe]
25/1/1860Richard Wagner conducts a series of concerts at the Salle Ventadour of the Opéra italien in Paris. The concerts included extracts from his operas "Lohengrin", "Tannhäuser" and "Tristan und Isolde". The first concert was visited by Daniel Auber, Hector Berlioz, Charles Gounod, Giacomo Meyerbeer, Ernest Reyer, François-Auguste Gevaert and Jules Champfleury. The second concert took place on 1 Febraury 1860 and the third concert on 8 February 1860. During the series he met Charles Baudelaire, who was much impressed by Wagner's music. [Baudelaire, Charles][Berlioz, Hector][Gounod, Charles][Meyerbeer, Giacomo][Wagner, Richard]


The grave of Daniel Auber at Père Lachaise, Paris.
Picture by Androom (24 Oct 2014)


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