Korn, Wilhelmine

BORN 17 Dec 1786, Wien - DIED 13 Dec 1843, Wien: Hietzing
BIRTH NAME Stephanie, Wilhelmine
GRAVE LOCATION Wien: Alter Hietzinger Friedhof (removed), Maximstrasse 6

Wilhelmine Korn was the daughter of the actor Gottlob Stephanie and his wife Anna Milka. She was orphaned in 1801. In 1802 she debuted at the Burgtheater as Elisabeth in "Graf von Burgund". In 1806 she married the actor Maximilian Korn. Her first tragic role was Melitta in "Sappho" by Grillparzer. It made her famous and she mostly played youthful lovers at the Burgtheater until seizures forced her to interrupt her career in 1819. She was able to return to the stage and played more mature parts until she retired in 1931. She died in Hietzing in 1843.

[Note: according to "Grabstätten Berühmter Männer unf Frauen" (1948) by Stefan Rechnitz she is buried at the Marxer Friedhof. Her name is not on the tombstone and according to Biographisches Lexikon des Kaiserthums Oesterreich (1864) she was buried in Hietzing.]

• Husband: Korn, Maximilian (1806-1843)

2/12/1802Debut of Wilhelmine Korn at the Burgtheater in "Graf von Burgund" 


The grave of Maximilian Korn at the St. Marx Cemetery, Vienna.
Picture by Androom (17 Aug 2007)


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