Korn, Maximilian

BORN 12 Oct 1782, Wien - DIED 23 Jan 1854, Wien
GRAVE LOCATION Wien: Marxer Friedhof, 3., Leberstraße 6-8, Simmering (186 (Lage auf Plan))

Maximlian Korn started his acting career in private theatres in 1799. In 1802 he came to the Burgtheater in Vienna. He started in small roles but soon he became a popular actor. In 1806 he married his colleague at the Burgtheater, the actress Wilhelmine Stephanie. From 1812 he also worked as a director. In 1816 he travelled in Italy and Switzerland and in 1820 in Germany, the Netherlands and France.

He made guest appearances in Munich (1822), Prague (1823), Graz (1823), Leipzig (1825), Berlin (1825) and Hamburg (1825). In 1827 he was made a honorary citizen in Pressburg where he had appeared often. At the Burgtheater he appeared 5.786 times in 250 different roles.

• Wife: Korn, Wilhelmine (1806-1843)


The grave of Maximilian Korn at the St. Marx Cemetery, Vienna.
Picture by Androom (17 Aug 2007)


• Rechnitz, Stefan, Grabstätten Berühmter Männer und Frauen, Eind Rundgang durch die Wiener Vorstadtfriedhöfe, Gerlach & Wiedling, Wien, 1948
Korn, Maximilian

Korn, Wilhelmine

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