Kellermann, François Christophe Edmond de, 3rd Duke of Valmy

BORN 4 Mar 1802, Paris: Passy - DIED 2 Oct 1868, Paris: Passy
GRAVE LOCATION Paris: Père Lachaise, Rue du Repos 16 (division 30, ligne 01, T, 26)

François Christophe Edmond de Kellermann was the son of General François Étienne de Kellerman (1770-1835), 2nd Duke of Valmy. He studied law in Heidelberg and in 1824 De Chateaubriand sent him to Constantinople where he worked at the French Embassy. In 1829 he was transferred to Capo d'Istria as chargé d'affaires and in 1831 he was appointed first secretary at the Embassy in Berne.

In 1833 he resigned after he disagreed with government policies. His father was so angry that he tried to disinherit him. He started writing for for "Le Rénovateur" and he was co-owner of the Royalist newspaper "La Quoditienne". In 1838 he bought the Castle of Stors in Val-d'Oise and he renovated it. In 1839 he was elected into the Chamber of Deputies for Haute-Garonne and he was relected later in 1839 and in 1842. He was an opponent of the alliance with England and proposed freedom of education. In 1844 he was once more reelected. In 1846 he stepped down to concentrate on political literature.

During the Second Empire he held several engagements, but in 1861 he was so deep in debt that he had to sell Stors to the businessman Pierre Casimir Cheuvreux (1797-1881). He died in 1868 in Passy and was buried in the family tomb at Père Lachaise.

• Father: Kellermann, François Étienne de, 2nd Duke of Valmy


The grave of François Christophe de Kellermann at Père Lachaise, Paris.
Picture by Androom (02 Nov 2018)


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