Ricci, Luigi

BORN 8 Jul 1805, Napoli, Campania - DIED 22 Oct 1859, Praha
GRAVE LOCATION Praha: Olsany Cemetery, 2807 Vinohradská (Cemetery 2, Section 2, Grave 50)

Luigi Ricci was the son of the pianist Pietro Ricci. He was educated at the Conservatory in Naples. There he wrote his first opera in 1823. In 1831 his "Chiara di Rosembergh" was a success at the Scala in Milan and "Un'avventura di Scaramuccia" was another huge success in 1834. By that time he was well known in Europe. He collaborated with his younger brother Federico on further operas, but his excessive spending resulted in financial problems in 1837. He was forced to accept a job in Trieste and wrote no more operas for seven years.

He was hired to lead the Italian Opera in Odessa for the 1844/1845 season. There he met the 17 year old identical twin sisters Francesca and Ludmilla Stolz, who were younger sisters of opera singer Teresa Stolz. He fell in love with them both and in 1845 he wrote an opera for them. His ménage ŕ trois resulted in his dismissal in Odessa. After their return to Trieste he married Ludmilla, but he didn't let Francesca go. In 1850 he and Ludmilla had a daughter, Lella. In 1852 he had a son by Francesca, Luigi Ricci-Stolz. He wrote further operas. "Crispino e la comare", his last collaboration with his brother, was another success. In 1859 he was struck by a mental illness caused by syphilis. He died that same year in a hospital in Prague.

He was buried at the Olsany Cemetery in Prague. Lella became an opera singer herself but she died in 1871 at the aged of 21 after an abortion. She was buried with her father.

• Daughter: Ricci, Lella

Related persons
• was teacher of Stolz, Teresa

20/2/1845Premiere of Luigi Ricci's opera "La solitaria della Asturie" at the Italian Opera in Odessa. Rricci had written it for the young twin sisters Lidia and Fanny Stolz. He had an affair with both of them at the time. 


The grave of Luigi Ricci and Lella Ricci at the Olsany Cemetery, Prague.
Picture by Androom (12 Aug 2019)


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