Richmond, Thomas

BORN 1771, Kew - DIED 15 Nov 1837
GRAVE LOCATION London: St. Mary on Paddington Green Churchyard, Paddington Green, Paddington

Thomas Richmond was the son of another Thomas Richmond, who was the groom of the stables to the duke of Gloucester and later owned a Coach House in Kew. His mother Ann Bone was a cousin of the well known miniaturist George Engleheart. Engleheart taught him how to paint miniatures and he copied miniatures for the royal family.

In later years he painted his own miniatures and he lived at 42 Half Moon Street, Mayfair. Between 1795 and 1825 he exhibited at the Royal Academy. He married An Oram and in 1802 their first son Thomas was born. He would work as a miniature oainter in Sheffield and London. Another son, George, was born in 1809 and became a painter as well.

Richmond died in 1837 and was buried at Paddington Green near the famous actress Sarah Siddons, who had died in 1831. The churchyard is now a park and only a few tombstones remain.

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• was influenced by Blake, William


The grave of Thomas Richmond at the churchyard of St. Mary on Paddington Green, London.
Picture by Androom (26 Jun 2009)


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