Herapath, William

BORN 1796, Bristol - DIED 13 Feb 1868
GRAVE LOCATION Bristol: Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bath Road

William Herapath was theeson of a maltster from Bristol. After his father died he took over his business, but he gave it up to study chemistry. After its opening in 1828 he became a professor of chemistry and toxocology at the Bristol Medical School. His lectures were open to the general public and very popular.

In 1835 he was a witness for the prosecution during the trial of a woman in Bristol who had poisoned her lodger and his analysis was so impressive that he was repeatedly involved in further trials afterwards. Often the toxocologist Alfred Swaine Taylor (1806-1880) was his opponent at such occasions.

After the Municipal Reform Act was passed in 1835 he became a member of the town council and a justice of the peace. In 1841 he was one of the 77 founders of the Chemical Society of London. His son William Bird Herapath (d. 12 October 1868) also was a well known toxocologist.

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The grave of William Herapath at Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bristol.
Picture by Androom (16 Aug 2017)


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