Lansdown, Joseph Goodale

BORN 1804 - DIED 6 Jul 1871, Bristol: Portland Square
GRAVE LOCATION Bristol: Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bath Road

James Goodale Lansdown was surgeon to the Bristol General Hospital. He was an early user of anaesthetics in surgery as well of midwifery. On 31 Dec 1846 he risked his reputation by ordering professor William Herepath to administer ether to a patient. In the past Herepath had been an enthousiastic proponent of Humphrey Davy's laughing gas. The patient, a young man who's leg had to be amputated, was soon unconscious. The operation took place and he awoke soon after operation and left the hospital within a month.

He performed more operations with ether, often administering it himself. He wrote some of his experiences down, but he seemed to busy to do this in an extensive way. In 1870 he fell ill and he discontinued his work. He died at his home in Bristol in 1871.

Related persons
• cooperated with Herapath, William


The grave of Joseph Lansdown at Arnos Vale Cemetery, Bristol.
Picture by Androom (16 Aug 2017)


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Published: 11 Nov 2017
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