Heyne, Christian Gottlob

BORN 25 Sep 1729, Chemnitz, Sachsen - DIED 14 Jul 1812, Göttingen, Niedersachsen
GRAVE LOCATION Göttingen, Niedersachsen: Bartholomäus-Friedhof, Weender Landstraße

Christian Gotlobb Heyne was the son of a poor weaver from Silesia. although he was poor himself he entered the University of Leipzig in 1748, where he was helped by J.F. Christ. He worked as a tutor ro pay for his studies. After he graduated in 1752 he was still poor until Count von Brühl read an ellegy written by him and invited him to Dresden. But he wasn't offered a good position and continued to be poor.

In 1757 he became a tutor at the house of Frau von SChönberg and here he met his wife to be. On 17 Jul 1760 he lost all his posessions during the bombardment of Dresden. In 1761, although he still had hardly any income, he married Therese Weiss, the daughter of the lutenist Leopold Sylvius Weiss (1687-1750). Their daughter was the author Therese Huber (1764-1829).

In 1763 he obtained the chair of Gesner at the University of Göttingen after Ernesti and Ruhnken had both refused it. In 1764 he also became the director of the library of the university and he under his management it became a leading university librabry.

Therese died in 1876 and in 1877 he married Georgine Brandes, a daughter of Georg Driedrich Brandes. With her he had six more children. He held his post at the library until his death in 1812.

Related persons
• was teacher of Brandes, Ernst
• supported Grotefend, Georg Friedrich


The grave of Christian Gottlob Heyne at the Bartholomäus-Friedhof, Göttingen. (scaled)
Picture by Androom (27 Aug 2017)


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