Vestris, Auguste

BORN 27 Mar 1760, Paris - DIED 5 Dec 1842, Paris
BIRTH NAME Vestris, Auguste Marie Jean Augustin
GRAVE LOCATION Paris: Cimetière de Montmartre, 20 Avenue Rachel (division 05)

Illegitimate son of the dancer Gaetano Vestris (1729-1808) and Marie Allard (1742-1802). His father had joined the opera of Paris in 1748 and his mother was a dancer there as well. He debuted himself at the opera in 1772 and in 1775 he became a member. By 1778 he was a principal dancer and in 1780 he was 'premier sujet de la dance'. He held this position for 36 years until 1816. The pirouette is said to be introduced by him.

After his active career he worked as a teacher and Fanny Elssler and Marie Taglioni were among is pupils. In 1835 he performed a minuet with Marie Taglioni. He was aged 75 at that time. He died in 1842.

• Father: Vestris, Gaetano Appolino Baltazar

Related persons
• was teacher of Elssler, Fanny
• was teacher of Taglioni, Marie


The grave of Auguste, Gaetano and Theresa Vestris at the Cimetière Montmartre, Paris.
Picture by Androom (20 Feb 2016)


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Vestris, Gaetano Appolino Baltazar

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