Bischoffsheim, RaphaŽl

BORN 22 Jul 1823, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland - DIED 20 May 1906, Paris: 9e
BIRTH NAME Bischoffsheim, RaphaŽl Louis
GRAVE LOCATION Paris: CimetiŤre de Montmartre, 20 Avenue Rachel (division 03, ligne 20, numťro 2, a droite au fond)

RaphaŽl Bischoffsheim was the son of the banker Louis-RaphaŽl Bischoffsheim who had settled in Amsterdam to start his own bank. In 1842 RaphaŽl was sent to Paris by his father and he studied at the …cole Centrale des Arts et Manufactures. He worked as a railway inspector in northern Italy that was owned by his father. In 1873 he succeeded his father in the management of what had become a banking group. In the same year he commissioned charles Garnier (1825-1898) to build a villa in Bordighera. It was completed in 1875 and called Villa Bischoffsheim.

He became a French citizen in 1880 and in 1881 he was chosen into the Camber of Deputies for Nice without belonging to any party. In 1885 he gave up his seat. Bischoffsheim had offered the city of Bordighera to build an observatory, but after his proposal was refused it was built in Nice and opened in 1887. He received the Lťgion d'honneur and in 1890 he became a member of the Acadťmie des sciences. In 1889 he was elected into parliament for Nice again and this time he held his seat until his death in 1906.

Bischoffsheim never married. He was in a relationship with the famous actress Rachel Fťlix (whom he shared with others) and later the courtisans Blanche d'Antigny and Laure Hayman lived from his money. He was also acquainted with many writers and scientists who visited the salons in Paris.

• Father: Bischoffsheim, Louis-RaphaŽl

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The mausoleum of Louis RaphaŽl Bischoffsheim and RaphaŽl Bischoffsheim at the CimetiŤre de Montmartre, Paris.
Picture by Androom (31 Oct 2022)


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