Soldat-Röger, Marie

BORN 25 Mar 1863, Graz, Steiermark: Geidorf - DIED 30 Sep 1955, Graz, Steiermark
BIRTH NAME Soldat, Marie Ernestine
GRAVE LOCATION Graz, Steiermark: Katholischer Friedhof St. Peter, Petersgasse 67 (8-11-55)

Marie Soldat-Röger was the first Austrian woman who gave concerts all over Europe. She was the daughter of the organist and piano teacher Julius Soldat (1834-1876). Her mother Franziska born Baldauf was a seamstress. In 1871 she learned to play the violin and she first performed in public in 1874. Through her teacher Ferdinand Thieriot (1838-1919) she met Johannes Brahms in 1878 in Portschach. He recommended her to Joseph Joachim who became her teacher. She lived in Berlin from 1879 to 1889. She met Clara Schumann and in Berlin she performed with Robert Hausmann and with Clara's pupil Julie von Asten. In 1885 she performed a violin concert by Brahms at the Musikverein in Vienna. In 1887 she founded a women's string quartet that performed during the next season.

In 1888 she went on her first concert tour to England. In 1889 she married police chief commissioner Wilhelm Röger and with him she lived in Vienna. In 1890 their son Joseph was born. Many concert tours in Austria, Germany and England followed. She started her second quartet in 1904 and this existed for many years. She gave solo performances until 1913. She owned the Stradivarius violin that had previously belonged to Felix Schumann and Joseph Joachim. In 1926 she made a recording for the first time. she focussed on her teaching activities and in 1936 she ended her public career. She died in 1955 in her native Graz.

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• met Brahms, Johannes
• was pupil of Joachim, Joseph
• knew Schumann, Clara


The grave of Marie Röger-Soldat at the Katholischer Friedhof St. Peter in Graz, Steiermark.
Picture by Androom (27 Aug 2023)


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