Welz, Friedrich Maximilian

BORN 2 Nov 1903, Salzburg - DIED 5 Feb 1980, Salzburg
GRAVE LOCATION Salzburg: Kommunalfriedhof, Gneiser Strasse 8 (Gruppe 07, Ordnung 1, Nummer 45 )

Friedrich Welz was the son of a picture frame seller. He took over his father's shop and became an art dealer. After Austria joined the German Reich he became the owner of the Würthle Gallery in Vienna after its Jewish owners were driven out. During the Second World War he bought works of art in Paris cheaply and sold them in Germany to nazis like Baldur von Schirach.

After the war he was prosecuted for war crimes, but his trial was halted in 1950. Afterwards he was very active in the cultural life of Salzburg. In 1976 he gave most of his collection away to Salzburg, that bought the Rupertinum to house it. He died in 1980 in Salzburg.

Related persons
• was a friend of Kokoschka, Oskar


The grave of Friedrich Maximilian Welz at the Kommunalfriedhof, Salzburg.
Picture by Androom (31 Aug 2014)


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