Mendelssohn, Alexander

BORN 19 Sep 1798, Berlin - DIED 25 Oct 1871, Berlin
GRAVE LOCATION Berlin: Jüdischer Friedhof in Prenzlauer Berg, Schönhauser Allee 23-25 (Feld W3)

Alexander Mendelssohn was a younger son of the banker Joseph Mendelssohn and his wife Henriette Meyer. His brother was the geographer Georg Benjamin Mendelssohn. He performed his military service from 1820 to 1821 and in 1822 he became a partner in the Mendelssohn Bank that was founded by his father. In 1822 he married Marianne Seeligmann, the daughter of the broker Bernhard Seeligmann. They had four sons and three daughters. In 1848 he succeeded his father and he managed the company together with his cousin Paul Mendelssohn-Batholdy. Their bank sold Russian bonds on the German market and provided credit to the Russian state.

Alexander Mendelssohn was a member of the board of the Gesellschaft der Freunde in Berlin. He was also active in both jewish and non-jewish club life in Berlin. He never converted to the christian faith like other members of his family. He was friendly with Alexander von Humboldt and corresponded with him for a long time. He died in 1871 in Berlin and was buried at the Jewish Cemetery in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin.

• Father: Mendelssohn, Joseph
• Son: Mendelssohn, Franz von
• Brother: Mendelssohn, Georg Benjamin

Related persons
• was supported by Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Abraham
• cooperated with Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Paul Hermann


The grave of Alexander Mendelssohn and Joseph Mendelssohn at the Jüdischer Friedhof in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin.
Picture by Androom (11 Aug 2020)


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