Lübbe, Heinrich

BORN 12 Jan 1884, Nienburg a. d. Weser - DIED 14 Mar 1940
BIRTH NAME Lübbe, Heinrich F.A.
GRAVE LOCATION Stahnsdorf, Brandenburg: Südwestkirchhof, Bahnhofstrasse (Block Trinitatis, Feld 20, Gartenstelle 65)

Heinrich Lübbe worked as a merchant marine sailor before he tried his luck in aviation in 1909. He met Blériot and was friendly with Roland Garros. In 1911 he became the first German to hold a patent in the field of flying. In 1912 he travelled with his wife to Argentina in a Rumpler plane.

During the first World War, for Fokker he developed a mechanism that enabled guns to fire between the blades of the propellors. It was based on a system invented by Garros. In 1925 he bought the bankrupt naval yards of Friedrichshafen and he transformed them into the successful Arado Company that built aeroplanes.

In 1936 he refused to join the NSDAP and as a result his company was nationalized and he was forced to leave. He was ruined when he died in 1940 and in 1945 Arado was liquidated.

Related persons
• met Blériot, Louis
• was a friend of Rumpler, Edmund


The grave of Heinrich Lübbe at the Südwestfriedhof, Stahnsdorf, Berlin.
Picture by Androom (13 Nov 2004)


Arado Ar-234, summer 1944: no ordinary missions.
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