Persius, Ludwig

BORN 15 Feb 1803, Potsdam, Brandenburg - DIED 12 Jul 1845, Potsdam, Brandenburg
BIRTH NAME Persius, Friedrich Ludwig
GRAVE LOCATION Potsdam, Brandenburg: Evangelischer Friedhof Bornstedt, Ribbeckstraße

Ludwig Persium studied at the Academy of Architecture in Berlin to become a surveyor. After passing his exams in 1821 he worked as a biulding planner under K.F. Schinkel and others. In 1824 he became a member of the Association of Architects. He married Pauline Sello (1808-1883) in 1827. She was a sister of royal gardener Hermann Ludwig Sello and they had six children.

In 1829 he was engaged by the government as building inspector in Potsdam. In 1837 he built the Villa Persius that doesn't exist anymore. He travelled to the Rhine in 1840 and to Paris and other cities in 1841. In 1841 king Frederick William IV appointed him court architect. From 1840 to 1842 he was responsible for the rebuilding of Glienicke Castle and from 1843 to 1845 he worked on the extension of Babelsberg Castle.

He executed many more works in Potsdam. In 1845 he travelled to Italy, where he visited Genoa, Rome, Naples and Venice. After his return he died in Potsdam, aged only 42.

Related persons
• employed Arnim, Ferdinand von
• was pupil of Schinkel, Karl Friedrich


The grave of Ludwig Persius at the Bornstedter Friedhof, Potsdam.
Picture by Androom (22 Aug 2017)


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