Arnim, Ferdinand von

BORN 15 Sep 1814, Treptow an der Rega (now: Trzebiatów) - DIED 25 Mar 1866, Potsdam, Brandenburg
BIRTH NAME Arnim, Heinrich Ludwig Ferdinand von
GRAVE LOCATION Potsdam, Brandenburg: Evangelischer Friedhof Bornstedt, Ribbeckstraße (near the grave of Ludwig Persius)

Ferdinand von Arnim was a student of K.F. Schinkel and J.K.G. Hampel. From 1833 to 1838 he studied architecture at the Königlichen Bauschule. In 1839 he became a member of the Architect's Association in Berlin. From 1840 he worked under F.L. Persius and in 1844 he was appointed building inspector. In 1845 be became a member of the committee that was responsible for palaces. He also worked as architect for prince Carl von Preussen (1801-1883).

In 1846 he became a teacher at the Bauakademie in Berlin and in 1857 he was promoted to professor. In 1849 he succeeded Persius as court architect. In 1859-1860 he built the villa Arnim at the Weinbergstrasse in Potsdam. He died in 1866 and was buried near Persius in Potsdamn.

Related persons
• worked for Persius, Ludwig
• was pupil to Schinkel, Karl Friedrich


The grave of Ferdinand von Arnim at the Bornstedter Friedhof, Potsdam.
Picture by Androom (22 Aug 2017)


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