Pertz, Heinrich

BORN 28 Mar 1795, Hannover, Niedersachsen: Holzmarkt 2 - DIED 7 Oct 1876, München, Bayern
BIRTH NAME Pertz, Georg Heinrich
GRAVE LOCATION Berlin: Dreifaltigkeitskirchhof II, Bergmanstrasse 39-41, Kreuzberg (C-UA-2 *)

Heinrich Pertz was the son of the court bookbinder Christian August Pertz. He studied history and philology at Göttingen University and was promoted in 1816. In that year he became archivarian and librarian in Hannover. In 1823 he became the secretary of the Royal Archive of Hannover and in 1827 he married Julia Garnett. From 1827 to 1842 he was the director of the Royal Library as well as the Coin Cabinet in Hannover.

From 1823 to 1873 he was the chairman of the Monumenta Germaniae Historica (MGH). In 1842 he became chief librarian in Berlin, where he also obtained the membership of the Academy of Science. His reputation was damaged in 1870 when Philipp Jaffré, who was Jewish, committed suicide after Pertz prevented him from obtaining a position in Berlin. Pertz died in 1876 in Munich.


The grave of Georg Heinrich Pertz at the Dreifaltigkeitskirchhof II, Berlin.
Picture by Androom (28 May 2015)


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