Tichatscheck, Joseph

BORN 11 Jul 1807, Oberweckelsdorf, Hradec Králové (near Adersbach) - DIED 18 Jan 1886, Dresden, Sachsen
BIRTH NAME Tichatscheck, Joseph Aloys
GRAVE LOCATION Dresden, Sachsen: Alter Katholischer Friedhof, Friedrichstrasse 54

Joseph Tichatschek studied medicine in Vienna since 1827, but he abandoned his studies to become a singer. He had voice lessons with Giuseppe Ciccimarra and started singing at the Kärntnertortheater in 1830. In 1834 he was engaged as a solo singer in Graz and in 1837 he became principal tenor in Dresden.

There he was coached by the famous Wilhelmine Schröder-Devrient. In 1841 he performed at Drury Lane in London and in 1842 he sang the title part during the premiere of Wagner's "Rienzi". He rehearsed "Tannhäuser" with Wagner together with Johanna Jachmann-Wagner when it was still being written and in sang the part officially in 1849. Wagner's "Lohengrin" was performed in Dresden with Tichatscheck in 1858 in absence of Wagner who was in exile at the time.

In 1867 Wagner wanted him for a "Lohengrin" production for king Ludwig II of Bavaria, but the king didn't like the appearance of the aging singer. His farewell performance was on 28 nov 1870 in Dresden in Marschner's "Templer und Jüdin".

Related persons
• cooperated with Schröder-Devrient, Wilhelmine
• performed work of Wagner, Richard

20/10/1842Premiere of Richard Wagner's opera "Rienzi" at the Royal Court Theatre in Dresden. It was a huge succes. It was conducted by Carl Reissiger. Wilhelmine Schröder-Devrient was Adriano and Joseph Tichatschek was Rienzi. [Reissiger, Carl][Schröder-Devrient, Wilhelmine][Wagner, Richard]
19/10/1845Premiere of Richard Wagner's opera "Tannhäusser" in Dresden. Richard Wagner conducted the opera himself. Josef Tichatschek was Tannhäuser, Johanna Wagner was Elisabeth and Wilhelmine Schröder-Devrient was Venus. Other singers were Anton Mitterwurzer and Johann Michael Wächter. [Schröder-Devrient, Wilhelmine][Wagner, Richard]


The grave of Joseph Tichatscheck at the Alter Katholischer Friedhof, Dresden.
Picture by Androom (28 Aug 2005)


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