Hautpoul, Alphonse Henri, comte d'

BORN 4 Jan 1789, Versailles, Yvelines - DIED 27 Jul 1865, Saint-Papoul, Aide
GRAVE LOCATION Paris: Père Lachaise, Rue du Repos 16 (division 28, ligne 04, R, 23)

Alphonse Henri d'Hautpoul was the son of Jean Henri d'Hautpoul-Félines. He was educated at the École militaire de Fontainebleau and he was a decond lieutenant during the campaigns in Germany and Poland in 1807. In 1808 he was sent to Spain and in 1811 he was promoted to captain. On 22 July 1812 he was wounded during the Battle of the Arapiles (also known as the Battle of Salamanca) and taken prisoner by the English. He was released on 30 May 1814 and promoted to chef de bataillon on 4 February 1815 and promotions to mayor and colonel followed soon.

In 1823 he saw action again in Spain and in 1828 he was promoted to Maréchal de Camp. From 1830 to 1838 he was deputy for Aude. In 1841-1842 he served in Algeria as a lieutenant general. In 1848 he was made a peer of France. On 31 October 1849 he was appointed Minister of War. He resigned on 22 October 1850 and left his in January 1851. After that he served as a Governer General in Algeria.


The grave of Alphonse d'Hautpoul at Père Lachaise, Paris.
Picture by Androom (01 Nov 2022)


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