Wagner, Antonie

BORN 30 Dec 1799, Wien - DIED 25 Mar 1879, Wien: Naglergasse 29
GRAVE LOCATION Wien: Zentralfriedhof, Simmeringer Hauptstraße 234, Simmering (Gruppe 05 A, Reihe 01, Nummer 21/22 (cenotaph))

Antonie Wagner was the daughter of Ignaz Wagner, a coffehouse owner in Vienna. In 1819 playwright Ferdinand Raimund met her and fell in love with her. She liked him but her father sent him away. Raimund feel ill and was nursed by the actress Louise Gleich. She became pregnant and Raimunf was forced by her family to marry her in 1820 although he didn't love her. On 14 January 1822 Raimund divorced his wife Luise Gleich and on 10 September 1822 he promised Antonie eternal faith, although he couldn't marry her because of his divorce.

For many years they met in secret until around 1831, when Raimund was famous and wealthy, Antonie's father agreed that they would live together in an appartment. In 1834 Raimund bought a villa in Gutenstein where in the past they had often secretly met. She lived with him until Raimund committed suicide in 1836. Antonie lived for another 43 years an unhappy life in poor circumstances and she died in Vienna in 1879.

Her pauper's grave at the Zentralfriedhof in Vienna was removed, but in 197 the Raimundgesellschaft erected a cross in memory of her.

5/9/1969Cranium of Ferdinand Raimund buried in his grave in Gutenstein. Ferdinand Raimund shot himself in 1836 because he had been bitten by a dog and thought that he had contracted rabies. The coroner kept the top of his skull, which had a bullet hole in it. He gave it to Antonie Wagner, who was Raimund's heir and she left it to Karl Glossy, the keeper of the historical collections of the city of Vienna. Glossy left the cranium to his daughter Blanka, who left it her husband Hans Schwarz. When Schwarz died in 1968 it went to the Vienna Museum. The museum had the cranium buried in Raimund's tomb. [Glossy, Blanka][Glossy, Karl]


The grave of Antonie Wagner at the Zentralfriedhof, Vienna.
Picture by Androom (23 Aug 2009)


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