Glossy, Blanka

BORN 6 Nov 1893, Wien - DIED 24 Nov 1952, Wien
GRAVE LOCATION Wien: Baumgartner Friedhof, Waidhausenstraße 52 (Gruppe A, Nummer 4)

Blanka Glossy was the daughter of the theatre critic Karl Glossy. . She married the physician Hans Schwarz, who changed his name to Glossy-Schwarz. She was a member of the ensemble of the Burgtheater in Vienna from 1912 to 1952. She was also known for Viennese songs and occasionally acted in movies. In 1947 she published a book about the actress Josephine Gallmeyer that she had written together with G. Berger.

From her father she inherited Ferdinand Raimund's cranium. Raimund had committed suicide in 1836 and the coroner had kept his cranium. After Blanka died her husband inherited the cranium and in 1968 he left it to the Museum der Stadt Wien that placed it in Raimund's tomb.

• Father: Glossy, Karl

5/9/1969Cranium of Ferdinand Raimund buried in his grave in Gutenstein. Ferdinand Raimund shot himself in 1836 because he had been bitten by a dog and thought that he had contracted rabies. The coroner kept the top of his skull, which had a bullet hole in it. He gave it to Antonie Wagner, who was Raimund's heir and she left it to Karl Glossy, the keeper of the historical collections of the city of Vienna. Glossy left the cranium to his daughter Blanka, who left it her husband Hans Schwarz. When Schwarz died in 1968 it went to the Vienna Museum. The museum had the cranium buried in Raimund's tomb. [Glossy, Karl][Wagner, Antonie]


The grave of Karl Glossy and Blanka Glossy at the Baumgartner Friedhof, Vienna.
Picture by Androom (25 Aug 2016)


Glossy, Karl

Published: 28 Jul 2019
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