Wagener, Hilde

BORN 26 Sep 1904, Hannover, Niedersachsen - DIED 26 Dec 1992, Baden, Niederösterreich (near Wien)
BIRTH NAME Wagener, Brunhilde Karoline Katharia
GRAVE LOCATION Baden (near Wien), Niederösterreich: Stadtpfarrfriedhof St.Stephan (Gruppe 26, Reihe 1, Nummer 27+28)

Hilde Wagener was educated at a business school and then at a boarding school in Berlin. She took acting lessons and first appeared on the stage at the Deutschen Theater Hannover. After that she worked in Vienna for the Wiener Bühne and the Renaissancetheater. From 1924 to 1990 she was a member of the ensemble at the Burgtheater.

Her first movie was "Die Gasse der Liebe und der Sünde" in 1923. She married the actor Otto Tressler (1871-1965) in 1928. In 1933 she received the title of Österreichischen Kammerschauspielerin (Austrian Chamber Actress). In 1938 she welcomed the annexation of Austria by Germany with the words 'Ich bin mir bewußt, daß wir dieses Wunder unserem Führer Adolf Hitler verdanken' ('I am aware that we owe this miracle to our Führer Adolf Hitler!'). She continued her career during the Second World War, but from 1942 to 1945 she also worked as a nurse at the Wiener Allgemeinen Krankenhaus.

After the war she mostly concentrated on the theatre, but she was in several more movies, including "Sissi" (1955) and "Sissi - Die Junge Kaiserin" (1956) as Baronin Wulffen. In 1952 she received the Karl-Renner-Preis and further awards followed. In 1955 she founded the Künstler helfen Künstlern (Artists Help Artists) association. She died in Baden near Vienna in 1992. An artists' home in Baden was named after her.


The grave of Hilde Wagener at the Stadtpfarrfriedhof in Baden, Niederösterreich.
Picture by Androom (05 Sep 2022)


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