Lauckner, Rolf

BORN 15 Oct 1887, Königsberg (now: Kaliningrad) - DIED 27 Apr 1954, Bayreuth, Bayern
CAUSE OF DEATH pneumonia
GRAVE LOCATION Berlin: Landeseigener Friedhof Grunewald, Bornstedter Straße 11-12 (Abt. V, Grab 58 (Ehrengrab) (ashes))

Rolf Lackner was the son of the civil engineer Wilhelm Lauckner and his wife Clara, born Schulz. After his father died in 1889 his mother started a writing career. In 1891 she married the famous writer Hermann Sudermann. Rolf was sent to a boarding school in Dresden and was forced to live apart from his mother until adulthood. Supported by his stepfather he studied law at several universities. In 1912 he received a doctorate in Würzburg. In December 1913 he married the painter Elfriede Thum and he dedicated his first volume of poetry to her. They lived at her house in Tzschetzschnow.

Because of a heartdisease he did not enter the army in the First World War that he opposed. In 1919 he became the editor of "Über Land und Meer" that moved to Stuttgart. He also worked for the State Theare in Stuttgart. In 1919 three of his playes were staged in Berlin is his absence. In 1923 "Über Land und Meer" was discontinued and he moved to Vienna with Elfriede. In 1925 they returned to Berlin. After Sudermann's death in 1928 he inherited his villa in Berlin-Grunewald and Schloss Blankensee in Brandenburg.

He had been suffered from bad health for a long time but Elfriede died before him in 1952. Lauckner suffered from cancer and he died from pneumonia in a sanatorium in Bayreuth in 1954.

• Mother: Sudermann, Clara
• Wife: Thum, Elfriede (1913-1952, Berlin)

Related persons
• was step-child of Sudermann, Hermann


The grave of Clara Sudermann and Hermann Sudermann at the Landeseigener Friedhof Grunewald, Berlin.
Picture by Androom (24 Aug 2017)


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