Kerkovius, Ida

BORN 31 Aug 1879, Riga - DIED 7 Jul 1970, Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg
GRAVE LOCATION Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg: Waldfriedhof (Abteilung 16 B)

Ida Kerkovius was a member of the circle around Adolf Hölzer (the Hölzel-Kreis). She started her education in Riga and in 1908 she became Hölzel's pupil in Stuttgart. During the First World War she was a teacher Hanna Bekker vom Rath who became her lifelong friend and collected her works.

From 1920 until 1923 she studied at the Bauhaus in Weimar, where she met Klee and Kandinsky. In 1922 she received the German nationality. The following years she travelled to Paris, Italy and Switzerland and she exhibited in many cities. In 1933 the nazis declared her art 'entartet'. During the Second World War her studio in Stuttgart was destroyed by bombs and many of her works were lost.

In 1945 she continued her career successfully and in 1954 she was awarded the Bundesverdienstkreuz Erster Klasse (the West German Cross of Honour, First Class) and in 1958 she became a professor. She worked until her death in 1970.

Related persons
• was pupil to Hölzel, Adolf


The grave of Ida Kerkovius at the Waldfriedhof, Stuttgart.
Picture by Androom (31 Jan 2007)


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