Hinz, Werner

BORN 18 Jan 1903, Berlin - DIED 10 Feb 1985, Hamburg
GRAVE LOCATION Berlin: Landeseigener Friedhof Dahlem, Königin-Luise-Straße 57 (Feld 1 (Abt. 24 - W - 63 - 64))

Son of a merchant. He was educated at the Max-Reinhardt-Schule in Berlin. In 1922 he debuted as Melchior Gabler in Frank Wedekind's "Frühlings Erwachen". In 1924 he was engaged at Hamburg for a year and there he met his future wife, the actress Ehmi Bessel. The next stages in his career were Wilhelmshaven, Oldenburg, Zürich, Darmstadt, Hamburg and Berlin.

His first movie was "Der alte und der junge König" (1935). During the war he was in several movies, among them "Der Fuchs von Glenarvon" (40) and "Bismarck" (40). He also had a part in the propaganda movie "Ohm Krüger" (1941).

After the war he was able to continue his career. In 1959 he appeared next to Lil Dagover in "Buddenbrooks". During the seventies and eighties he was mostly active in the theatre and on television. In 1984 he was on the stage in Hamburg with his wife in "Einmal Moskau und zurück".

He was a member of the Academy of Art in Berlin. His children Knut, Michael and Dinah all became actors.

• Wife: Bessel, Ehmi (1934-1985)


Werner Hinz.


The grave of Werner Hinz at the Landeseigener Friedhof Dahlem, Berlin.
Picture by androom (24 Aug 2006)


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Kirchhof und Städt. Friedhof St. Annen - Berlin Dahlem

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