Wildgans, Anton

BORN 17 Apr 1881, Wien - DIED 3 May 1932, Mödling, Niederösterreich
BIRTH NAME Wildgans, Otto Georg, Ritter von
CAUSE OF DEATH heart attack
GRAVE LOCATION Wien: Zentralfriedhof, Simmeringer Hauptstraße 234, Simmering (Gruppe 14 C, Nummer 06)

Son of a judge. He studied law and attended lectures by the philosopher Wilhelm Jerusalem. After he started out as a lawyer he soon switched to writing. In 1904 and 1905 he travelled in Europe, Africa and Australia. Together with his best friend Karl Satter he swore that they would remain 'free from wives', but in 1907 Satter married the actress Ida Orloff and in 1909 Wildgans married Lilly Würzl. In 1913 a son was born, a second son would follow in 1921.

Wildgans' early volume of poems Herbstfrühling (1909) was a success. For the theatre he wrote the trilogy "Armut" (1914, "Poverty"), Liebe (1916, "Love") and "Dies Irae" (1918).

From 1921 to 1922 and from 1931 to 1932 he was the director of the Burgtheater in Vienna. In 1926 Lilly gave him an original manuscript by Franz Grillparzer, selling her jewels to make the gift possible. In 1929 his collected poems were published. On 1 Jan 1930 his radio speech "Rede über Österreich" attracted a lot of attention. In

1930 he was mentioned for the Nobel Prize, but he had no real chance because another German author, Thomas Mann, had recently received the prize. In 1932 he was a candidate again, but he had been suffering from ill health and he died of a heart attack before the 1932 prize was awarded.

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• knew Conrad von Hötzendorff, Franz
• was a friend of Csokor, Franz Theodor
• was a friend of Ertler, Bruno
• has a connection with Orloff, Ida
• was a friend of Satter, Karl

14/2/1944Ida Orloff and Hermann Thimig recite works from Hauptmann and Wildgans in Vienna. The Anton-Wildgans-Gesellschaft organized the event in the Mozartsaal of the Konzerthaus in Vienna. Orloff and Thimig read parts from Hauptmann's plays "Hanneles Himmelfahrt", "Kaiser Karls Geisel" and "Fuhrmann Henschel", as well some of Wildgans' poems. [Orloff, Ida][Thimig, Hermann]


The grave of Anton Wildgans at the Zentralfriedhof, Vienna.
Picture by Androom (20 Aug 2007)


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