Wilds, Amon

BORN 1762, Lewes, East Sussex - DIED 12 Sep 1833, Brighton, East Sussex
GRAVE LOCATION Brighton, East Sussex: St. Nicholas' Churchyard

Amon Wilds was a builder and a carpenter before he moved to architecture an design. In 1806 he formed a partnership with his son in Lewes and in 1815 they moved to Brighton.

Especially after they teamed up with Charles Busby in 1822 they were involved in many business projects, using the name "Wilds and Busby". They developed buildings at Marine Square, Portland Place, Brunswick Square and Terrace and many other locations. He died in Brighton in 1833.


The grave of Amon Wilds at St. Nicholas' Churchyard, Brighton.
Picture by Androom (07 Feb 2012)


Wikipedia (EN): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amon_Wilds

Wildt, Adolfo

Published: 10 Jan 2016
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