Schumann, Julie

BORN 11 Mar 1845, Dresden, Sachsen - DIED 10 Nov 1872, Paris
GRAVE LOCATION Paris: Père Lachaise, Rue du Repos 16 (division 70)

Julie Schumann was the third daughter of Robert and Clara Schumann. She was a sweet but sickly child and she was considered the prettiest of the Schumann daughters. Johannes Brahms, a close friend of Clara after Robert's death, took a romantic interest in her. However, he didn't make this very clear and only dropped hints to Clara on the eve of Julie's wedding to count Vittorio Amadeo Radicati di Marmorito (b.1831).

Julie had met the count, a widower with two children, when she lived in southern countries because of her delicate health. The wedding took place on 22 Sep 1869 in Lichtenthal near Baden-Baden, where Clara resided at the time. Brahms, although quite sorry, acted as her best man. Three years after the marriage she died in Paris of tuberculosis when she was pregnant with her third child. Her husband and two young sons Eduardo (1870-1877) and Roberto (b.1871) were left behind. Her married life had been short but happy, the count loved her and she was popular in Turin.

The news of her death reached Clara in Heidelberg on the afternoon of a contralto she would give with Amalie Joachim. She went ahead with it because it would have caused trouble to others if she had canceled it. She had anticipated Julie's death but it was still a blow to her. Julie was buried at Père Lachaise where her tomb can still be seen.

• Father: Schumann, Robert
• Mother: Schumann, Clara
• Brother: Schumann, Felix

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• has a connection with Brahms, Johannes

22/9/1869Julie Schumann marries and Brahms loses another love. He was in love with Julie Schumann, the daughter of Robert and Clara Schumann. He dedicated a composition to her and hinted at 'settling in Vienna'. Neither mother nor daughter understood what he meant and Julie married the Italian count Vittorio Amadeo Radicati di Marmorito. On the evening of her marriage Brahms showed Clara his "Alto Rhapsody" and declared that this was his song for her engagement. It contained the text "Ach, wer heilet die Schmerzen" (who will heal the pain) and this was the first sign for Clara of Brahms' interest in Julie. [Brahms, Johannes][Schumann, Clara]


The grave of Julie Schumann at Père Lachaise, Paris.
Picture by Androom (24 Oct 2014)


The grave of Julie Schumann at Père Lachaise, Paris.
Picture by Androom (24 Oct 2014)


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