Stieler, Joseph

BORN 1 Nov 1781, Mainz, Rheinland-Pfalz - DIED 9 Apr 1858, München, Bayern: Barerstrasse 6½
BIRTH NAME Stieler, Joseph Karl
GRAVE LOCATION München, Bayern: Alte Südfriedhof, Thalkirchnerstrasse 17 (left wall 248/249)

Joseph Stieler received his first art education from his father, who died in 1789. He taught himself during the following years and when he was seventeen he went to Würzburg, where he was a pupil to Christoph Fesel for two years. In 1802 Heinrich Friedrich Füger became his teacher in Vienna and he started working as a portrait painter.

In 1805 and 1806 he worked in Budapest and Warschau and in 1807 he worked with François Gérard in Paris. In 1808 he settled in Frankfurt am Main. In 1810 he travelled to Italy, where he painted Joachim Murat. In 1812 Bavaria's king Maximilian I asked him to come to Munich and the he lived for the rest of his live.

In 1816 he married Pauline Beckers in Vienna. They had five children. In 1820 he painted Ludwig van Beethoven. During the same year he became Court Painter in Munich and for king Ludwig I he created his famous gallery of beautiful women at Schloss Nymphenburg.

In 1833 the poet Josephine von Miller became his second wife and she bore him three more children. During the last part of his life he mostly lived at Tegernsee, where he had a house with a large studio.

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The grave of Josef Stieler at the Alte Südfriedhof, München.
Picture by Androom (22 Aug 2008)


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