Jagemann, Caroline

BORN 5 Jan 1778, Weimar, Thüringen - DIED 10 Jul 1848, Dresden, Sachsen
BIRTH NAME Jagemann, Henriette Karoline Friedricke
GRAVE LOCATION Dresden, Sachsen: Trinitatisfriedhof, Fiedlerstraße 1, Johannstadt-Nord (1 D)

Caroline Jagemann was the daughter of the librarian of duchess Amalia of Weimar, Christian Joseph Jagemann (1735-1804). She learned the acting profession from August Iffland and Heinrich Beck in Mannheim. In 1792 she debuted at the Nationaltheater in Mannheim in Paul Wranitzky's "Oberon". On 18 February 1797 she debuted at the Court Opera in Weimar, again in "Oberon". She was admired because of her beauty and her voice. In 1800 she was Elisabeth in "Maria Stuart" by Schiller and in 1803 she appeared as Beatrice in "Braut von Messina", also by Schiller. In 1801 she became the mistress of duke Karl August. She bore him three children and he gave her the title of Freifrau von Heygendorff. Her son Karl officially received the Heygendorff title in 1809.

In 1809 the young Arthur Schopenhauer fell in love with her as a young man and he wrote his only known love poem with her in mind. Also in 1809 she was appointed director of the Opera in Weimar and she was an opponent of Goethe, who was the director of the Court Theatre. She intrigued against Goethe and after she forces his resignation she succeeded him as the director of the Court Theatre. In 1824 she was formally appointed Oberdirektorin (senior director). After duke Karl's death in 1828 her lost her support in higher society in Weimar and her intrigue against Goethe now worked against her. She retired from the stage and during the last years of her life she lived with her son in Dresden. Her brother Ferdinand Karl Christian Jagemann was a painter.

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• was opponent of Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von
• was pupil of Iffland, August Wilhelm
• is brother/sister of Jagemann, Ferdinand Karl Christian
• was loved by Schopenhauer, Arthur
• was painted by Stieler, Joseph


The grave of Caroline Jagemann at the Trinitatisfriedhof, Dresden.
Picture by Androom (28 Aug 2005)


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Jagemann, Ferdinand Karl Christian

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