Haider, Karl

BORN 6 Feb 1846, München, Bayern: Neuhausen - DIED 28 Oct 1912, Schliersee, Bayern
BIRTH NAME Haider, Karl Michael
GRAVE LOCATION Schliersee, Bayern: Friedhof an der Sixtuskirche, Seestrasse

Karl Haider was the son of the forest master Max Haider. He wanted to become a painter from an early age and was able to enter the Art Academy in Munich. There he befriended Hans Thoma and Wilhelm Leibl and he joined the circle around Leibl. In 1874 he married Katharina Brugger, a nice of the sculptor Friedrich Brugger. They had two daughters and a son, the painter Hubert Haider (1879-1971).

In 1875 he went to Florence where he copied the old masters and produced woodcuts from their works. In Florence he frequently visited Arnold Böcklin in his villa. In the summer of 1876 he returned to Munich. There he had little success with his paintings and when Katharina died in 1882 Franz von Lenbach paid for the funeral. In 1890 he married Ernestine Schwarz. They had a son, the painter Ernst Haider (1890-1988) but the marriage was unhappy and didn't last long. In 1894 he received a state pension and around that time the popularity of his work increased.

In 1896 he moved to Schliersee with his family. His painting "Herbstabend" received a gold medal at an international exhibition in Munich in 1897. In 1911 the Münchner Sezession organised a large exhibition in his honour. He died in 1912 in Schliersee. His tomb was created by Hermann Lang.

Related persons
• was a friend of Böcklin, Arnold
• was supported by Lenbach, Franz von


The grave of Karl Haider at the Friedhof an der Sixtuskirche, Schliersee, Bavaria.
Picture by Androom (03 Sep 2013)


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