Hogarth, Georgina

BORN 2 Mar 1793, Midlothian - DIED 5 Aug 1863
BIRTH NAME Thomson, Georgina
GRAVE LOCATION London: Kensal Green Cemetery, Harrow Road, Kensal Green (033/PS (15147))

Georgina Hogarth was the daughter of the musician and music publisher George Thomson (1757-1851), who was a friend of Robert Burns. She married George Hogarth on 1 June 1814. They had ten children and their daughter Catherine married Charles Dickens in 1836.

• Daughter: Hogarth, Catherine
• Daughter: Hogarth, Mary Scott
• Daughter: Hogarth, Georgina
• Husband: Hogarth, George (1814-1863)


The grave of Mary Scott Hogarth and George Hogarth at Kensal Green Cemetery, London.

Hogarth, Mary Scott

Published: 22 Sep 2018
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