Hogarth, Mary Scott

BORN 26 Oct 1819, Edinburgh - DIED 7 May 1837, London: Holborn
GRAVE LOCATION London: Kensal Green Cemetery, Harrow Road, Kensal Green (033/PS (15147))

Younger sister of Catherine Dickens, the wife of Charles Dickens. She had been a close companion to Dickens during the final stages of Catherine's first pregnancy. She had moved with Dickens and Catherine to their new house at 48 Doughty Street in January, 1837. In May of the same year she suddenly fell seriously ill, possibly from a stroke or from heart failure. She died on the same day.

Dickens was so shocked by her death that he dreamt of her for months. He paid for her funeral and also wrote the epitaph and decided that he wanted to be buried beside her. When Catherine's brother George died in 1841 it was with reluctance that Dickens gave up the place in Mary's grave where he still wanted to be buried himself. Years later he still regretted her death and possibly his love for her led him to another young woman, his mistress Ellen Ternan.

• Mother: Hogarth, Georgina
• Father: Hogarth, George
• Sister: Hogarth, Catherine
• Sister: Hogarth, Georgina

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• has a connection with Dickens, Charles


The grave of Mary Scott Hogarth and George Hogarth at Kensal Green Cemetery, London.

Mary Scott Hogarth, 1820-1837: Dickens's Beloved Sister-in-Law and Inspiration
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