Rossetti, Christina Georgina

BORN 5 Dec 1830, London: 38 Charlotte Street (now: 110 Hallam Street) - DIED 29 Dec 1894, London: 30 Torrington Square, Camden
GRAVE LOCATION London: Highgate Cemetery West, Swain's Lane, Highgate

Youngest of the four Rossetti children. Because of her bad health she was often at home with her mother. Like her, she was a strict Anglican. Her engagement with the painter James Collinson was broken off because he was a Catholic. In 1866 she rejected Charles Bagot Cayley (with whom she was in love) because she did not consider him to be a christian. They remained friends. She wrote poetry and stories, some of them illustrated by her brother Dante Gabriel.

Work: "Goblin Market and Other Poems" (1862); "The Prince's Progress and Other Poems" (1866); "Sing-Song: a Nursery Rhyme Book" (1872); "Speaking Likenesses"; "Letter and Spirit".

• Mother: Polidori, Frances Mary Lavinia
• Father: Rossetti, Gabriele Pasquale Giuseppe
• Brother: Rossetti, Dante Gabriel

Related persons
• was a friend of Bell, Henry Thomas Mackenzie
• was written about by Bell, Henry Thomas Mackenzie
• was engaged to Collinson, James
• had work illustrated by Hughes, Arthur
• knew Ingelow, Jean
• inspired Khnopff, Fernand

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Rossetti, Dante Gabriel

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